Throwing an eye on: Paris Games Week

Paris games week logo Five senses reviewsAaaaaaaah, geek conventions. Wait. Again ? Well yes folks, since IndieCADE Europe (a small convention promoting Indie videogames) and Paris Games Week (a Mega-supa-dupa huge convention promoting videogames in general) are partners, the two events were held during the same week. Ain’t it perfect ? Yes it is, especially because a couple of indie games are presented there. And guess what, all the games I could find were French. Again ? Yes again, stop asking all these questions ! But since you seem like a good fella/gal, I’ll tell you it’s because they were all gathered on the same spot and seemed so interesting I couldn’t resist but try all of those I had time to review. So sorry for non-French indie games, but let’s hope one day Paris Games Week will gather all of them in the same spot, to give more visibility to our own sometimes neglected community. That being said, here are indiegames you can find at Paris Games Week 2017 !


Huge Bang Bang

Palomino studio

This side-scrolling MOBA is the first of its genre including RPG elements like character personalization : you can change your stats at any time to adapt your character to your game style. It will allow you to fight with your teammates in 2vs2 and 4vs4 battles. Here the lanes are horizontal and you switch from one to another by jumping on bumpers or falling through gates displaced around the map. The 3D graphics are neat and the 5 different classes (ADC, support, wizard, tank and assassin) all seem interesting to play. I tried playing as an ADC and fired all my bullets as I used to do on LOL, only to find out they are limited ! You have to back to reload your guns, it adds an interesting strategic approach you have to follow if you want to help your teammates properly. Follow them on Facebook and twitter, their community manager is first class!

You can purchase Huge Bang Bang on steam right here and support their crowdfunding campaign over there.


Tube Mach24 Journey

Atomic Raccoon

Paris games week Tube Mach Journey Five senses reviews
Here is a game you will only be able to play in Paris Games Week, since it is not available in early access. Tube Mach24 Journey is a futuristic racing platformer which mechanics could make think of trackmania, with the only difference that your vehicle explodes everytime you bump into something. It gives to the game very stimulating die and retry dimension that may grow frustration in the first place only to leave a very satisfying feeling when you finally achieve your journey. For what I have seen the game is smooth, commands answer perfectly and the difficulty curve is steady so that you don’t burst in anger in the first minutes of the game. It includes handy barrel rolls to dodge obstacles with style, which fits well with the minimalistic stylish settings. Oh, and they have themed-condoms. Go see them if you need protection!

Tube Mach24 Journey will release its 1.0 version during 2018 first quarter.


Drago Dino

TealRocks Studio

Bob the dinosaur is looking for his egg in the forest kingdom… You’ll learn more by collecting items in Drago Dino, which is a rogue-like platformer with procedurally generated levels. The aim of each level is to reach its heights by gathering cristals looted by enemies you kill on your way. Secondarily, you can equip yourself with up to 3 power-ups you can buy and stock at merchants distributed everywhere. Why stock them ? Because you have to face different enemies that need different power-ups and mostly because as in every rogue-like game, you’ll lose them if you die. So will you be in attack or defense mode to face this angry boss? With 10 levels, 3 bosses, a real rogue mode in which you have only one live to beat through the game and a local coop multiplayer mode, you’ll have time to spend (at least 10 hours for the campaign in normal mode) on this cute little game featuring tiny dinosaurs and monsters.

You can purchase Drago Dino right here.


Crazy Dreamz : MagiCats Edition

Dreamz Studio

Note : this trailer is quite old, the game is much better looking today. Try it out, it’s free to play !

Games allowing to show your creativity at your full potential are few (ok, there’s Minecraft but still) and Crazy Dreamz : MagiCats Edition is one of them. This sandbox platformer allows its community to create levels on its own, with a unique feature which is that they can code actions and conditions. You can create bosses that go on a freakout when they are under a certain amount of life, make enemies rush on you when they see you cute little catty face or… Imagine a story in two languages while there is no option to do so initially. The platforming part is smooth (I know I used it to describe Tube Mach24 journey as well, but I love this word), accurate and bracing to play. Regarding the editor, if you are a little lost while using it in the beginning (a tutorial should be out soon) as soon as you’ve understood how it works it’s quite easy to use and very user friendly. High scores are recorded on every single level and a leaderboard is about to be released, so try hard on this very promising game to become the fastest cat in the neighborhood. 10000 levels have been created in one month, and many more are to be imagined, possibly by you!


Celestory creator

Paris games week Celestory creator Five senses reviews

This last software is neither a game nor indie, but it is a wonderful tool for gamedevs which are looking forward to creating textual adventures. Celestory creator helps you write your text based game by granting you with a very handy map system (see picture behigh) to create different possible paths in your story and illustrate it with artwork. Possible options include timed answers, which forces your player/reader to answer in a limited time and other features still to be tested. Its due date is late 2017 but some projects are already on tracks such as The Last Resort (to be released in June 2018) developed by a young student in game design named Joss Moa and McCoy and guerrero, written by Clément Rivière which contributed to the famous French TV show Kaamelot (well, at least it’s well known in France).

Paris games week The last resort Five senses reviews


Being a wannabe writer myself, I can’t wait to see this software come out to tell my tales and share them to you. And who knows, you may discover my game on next year’s Paris Games Week !


S4mus (Valentin)

Thanks to : Pampel (Nico), MSK (Hervé), Vignou (Quentin), PM (Paul), Srompich (Sai), Sly (Sylvain), Mommy and Daddy.

Special thanks to : Clément Trucharte, Jérémy Rousseau, Maureen Caudron, Thibault Louis-Lucas, Joss Moa and Clément Rivière for kindly answering my questions.

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