Throwing an eye on: IndieCADE Europe (French version)

IndieCADE Cnam Five senses reviewsAaaaaaaah, Geek conventions. A place that finally feels like home. A place where wearing a space invader tee shirt is not only cool (beacause yes, geeks are more and more trendy nowadays) but also truly means something, such as indicating you like retrogaming and you probably REALLY played space invaders. Not like these so called geeks that think they are because they played Candy crush saga twice while dropping a deuce. Well IndieCADE is one of them but not only, since you can witness there the most creative gems of the year in a single place. No kids running around waving Call of duty goodies or cosplayers showing off their fancy outfits. Indie stuff for serious fun. (And yes it’s about French games, because believe it or not I am French, and as we proud Roosters say: cockle doodle doo!)



Skeleton business

True digital toy, Vignettes is a textless, puzzly game in which you have to turn objects around for them to switch to another one, then another one, then another one. If the trailer make it look like an arty experiment in which you do nothing but admire these beautifully crafted items, the more you play the game the more you’ll get in depth of its mechanics and understand the clever achievement system, the links between objects and the ways to unlock them. Vignettes is nothing more than a beautiful and poetic enigma, a 2.0 Chinese puzzle, only without any frustration. It’s a relaxing and captivating gem you can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours, the choice is yours !

Vignettes is available on the app store for all iOS devices.

Bury me, my love

Pixel Hunt/Figs

Inspired by a real story lived by a Syrian refugee, Bury me my love is a text based adventure in which you play Majd, a devoted husband giving instructions to his wife Nour while she escapes Syria to Europe through his mobile phone. Your messages will have consequences on your loved one destiny and will either lead her to freedom or on darker roads. The particularity of this heartbreaking game is that you will play it in real time, meaning if Nour is say supposed to travel on a boat where there is no network, she won’t answer for the time of the travel. I’ve played the game for a little while and I got captivated within the first minutes, feeling responsible for this courageous yet fragile woman facing danger every minute of her life. The intend of Pixel Hunt is to make players look at their environment differently, and from what I’ve seen they succeeded in doing so.

Burry me, my love is available on the app store and Google play. A free demo is also available here.

Antioch : Scarlet bay

Midnight Mood studio

Antioch: Scarlet Bay is a hilarious two player interactive fiction in which you have to pair with a friend or a stranger to solve the last crime of your long career. You and your rookie partner can either collaborate in a polite and politically correct way, or quarrel like Beverly Hills cops in a good ol’ 80’s action movie. Mixing a role playing game and a book in which you are the hero, it can be compared with games like Lifeline or Tell tale series. Its particularity is that you can play in asynchronous mode, which means you can stop playing at any time and pick up the game later just like a messenger app. Its fiction engine allows Midnight Mood Studio to create interactive fictions for other clients such as media websites or other potential users. Contact them if you’re interested in using it for your game !

Another lost phone : Laura’s story

Accidental Queens

Have you ever lost your phone and wondered what it feels to find someone’s in the street? This is the point of Another lost phone: Laura’s story in which you have to investigate a mobile device belonging to a young girl named Laura and find out what happened to her. Intriguing, captivating and with just what you need of voyeurism to be satisfying, this game also makes us think about how much you can find out about someone just by browsing through its messages, emails and other apps. Since Laura looks like she disappeared off the face of the earth, you end up being a detective looking for clues to solve the mystery rather than just a random bloke finding a lost phone on a bench. It’s fun to play, and please note that it has been developped by a team of three women which has already released a game of the same kind, and it is rare enough to be notified.

You can puchase this game on Windows, OSX and Linux right here.

A guy and his hero

Student project (CNAM ENJMIN)

The only VR game of the event, and maybe the most peaceful and relaxing. Specifically designed for VR headsets, it could be described as a Puzzle/God game. In a nutshell, you have to help a little fella wander around and reach the end of the level by switching levers, moving buildings and creating bridges with the objects that surround him which you can grab your giant goddy hands. Having never experienced VR technology before, it was a very nice first time since the action is calm and didn’t make me dizzy at all. The immersion with a earphones is total and it’s a shame the game is only two levels long for now. You’d just like to spend hours trying to help your cute lad find his way and explore these little worlds moving around, looking like a goofy futuristic lunatic with your fancy headset. But good moments can never last (would they be as good if they did ?) and so is this article which reaches its end… Or does it ? Stay tuned for more IndieCADE reviews !


S4mus (Valentin)

Thanks to : Pampel (Nico), MSK (Hervé), Vignou (Quentin), PM (Paul), Srompich (Sai), Sly (Sylvain), Mommy and Daddy.

Special thanks to IndieCADE Europe for giving me an accreditation and all the developpers that kindly answered my questions.

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