Keyboard Sports Review

Keyboard Sports lava Five senses reviewsUse every single key and fall in love with your least sexy controller. Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY is a humor-filled adventure with very little actual sports in it, but it’s filled with challenges that only ramp up once started.

You play as the young apprentice to Master QWERTY, who sets you off on a visually and audibly stunning adventure to find your inner key — your entire keyboard is your controller!

This game will never be available on PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, or Android. (source :

Sorry console gamers and gamepad lovers, this game has not been dedicated to you. Forget the wasd pad as well, as said earlier your entire keyboard will be your way to move your character through 5 breathtaking but unbelievably short acts of wacky adventure. Ready for the great ESCAPE ? SPACE out, and ENTER this new challenge, and don’t forget to DELETE everything in your agenda… For the next 20 minutes.

Sight (Graphics)

Just like any Animal Crossing episode, graphics are cute and simple. No little dogs and tiny cats here, but a little squared fella and its penguin looking sensei to chaperone this epic journey to master your steed full of buttons. The action is taking place on various sceneries, such as a track and field stadium, a street full of cars, a flying plane or a snowy forest. Hopefully you’re a well trained geek and you will know your keyboard by heart to admire these beautiful settings, if not it shouldn’t be such a big problem since it is displayed on the screen. Train harder to become a real keyboard athlete !

Touch (Gameplay)

As said earlier, your skills in this game will depend on how well you know your beloved set of keys. The mini games you will have to go through are not that difficult (except for the final arena) but some of them will require some little time to master, especially if you’re not a keyboard expert. The real game starts in the end though, where the story stops to face a randomized bundle of mini games which seems to have no other objective than to survive the most number of rounds possible. If most of them need no particular accuracy, you will have to mind for the typos for some which will put your nerves and your fingers to the test.

Keyboard Sports Tea Five senses reviews
How will you pick up the tea ? With T, obviously !

Hearing (Sound)

The music is all alike the game itself : fun, dynamic and weird sometimes. It goes very well with the action and gives energy to your adventure all along the five acts. Either pop, rock or unclassified, it is always welcome for your ears to enjoy. And don’t worry : the clicking sound of your keys won’t ruin it, even if you have one of these old mechanical keyboard.

Taste (Lasting appeal)

Be aware that it’s a first version, but this game won’t last more than 20 minutes, put aside the last arena part, which is an arcade game which seems to have no end (I tried to end it for 15 minutes but some of the sequences were looking like they were not achievable). It really is a shame since these 20 minutes pass by so fast you will miss using all your keyboard instead of a couple of letters. The humor helps a lot, since you have to hit the letter t to pick up a cup of tea or Capslock to unlock a gate near a road… These kind of word games make time fly and link perfectly the gameplay with the story. We hope we’ll here more from the developers Triband soon !

Smell (Overall experience)

Light green tea

Keyboard Sports green tea Five senses reviews FR

This game is T-lightful ! But like all good things such as a nice cup of tea drank with a couple of friends, it is too short… For  now. This version seems to be some kind of demo and the developpers is intending to make an extended one later on. Following soon on Five Senses Reviews broadcast channel, Keyboard sports 2nd inning !


S4mus (Valentin)

Thanks to : Pampel (Nico), Meska (Hervé), Vignou (Quentin), PM (Paul), Srompich (Sai), Sly (Sylvain) and Hélène Thomas

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