Five senses Blink review – Think inside the box

Blink reviews are superquick reviews dedicated to games which lasting appeal is limited, but are still fun to play with once in a while. Because these kind of games rarely get reviewed, and it’s really not fair. One sense = one famous person or cultural item describing best the spirit of the game. Enjoy and take a little time to discover these beauties !

Think inside the box has no particular story to tell, but it doesn’t need one. Instead it offers a challenging, entertaining but also slightly frustrating experience. You’ll get to know why, right now.


Sight (Graphics)
Tron (1982)

While it may have been revolutionary at the time, Tron now looks like a little tacky. You can’t exactly say that about this game since its retrogaming graphics are a “parti pris” (I know you guys love to put French words in your sentences, check its definition with but graphics aren’t exactly where the game shines. Its huge added value is (hold your breath)…


Touch (Gameplay)
Think inside the box Jigsaw Five Senses Reviews…A-the gameplaaaaaay. With very creative and challenging mechanics, Think inside the box will sometimes give you a hard time for trying to beat the game, to the point you will have to hurt yourself just to reach the end of the level. Just like Jigsaw’s sadistic puzzles. But it always comes with a very satisfying feeling once you’ve done it, at least as satisfying as watching this.


Hearing (sounds)

Think inside the box Pong Five Senses ReviewsWith less than ten different sounds you can hear throughout the game, you can’t say it is something to carefully listen to. It’s a shame the cool little music in the trailer is not featured in the game! But then again: parti pris, parti pris…



Taste (Lasting appeal)
Willy Wonka’s three-course meal chewing gum

Think inside the box Willy Wonka Five Senses ReviewsWith 140 levels and an endless mode with high scores to challenge your friends, Think inside the box will offer you around 3 hours of challenge, either at once or 5 minutes at a time. Which is the exact duration of a three-course meal with your relatives on a sunny Sunday full of sunshine.


Smell (Overall experience)
Old box of forgotten toys

Think inside the box Sheep Five Senses ReviewsDespite it has retrogaming graphics and interesting mechanics, Think inside the box smells like that old box of toys lying in your basement. Those you had a hard time playing with, like Chinese puzzles or so. While it brings up a little bit of nostalgia thanks to retro sounds and sometimes old school hardcore difficulty, you will remember it mainly because of its challenge… But it lacks of soul which makes it your favourite toy that lies in your room even if your girlfriend thinks it’s too geeky.


It’s definitely worth trying though, plus it’s free so you have no excuses! You’ll feel empowered by beating its levels and doing it faster than your friends. You can download it on Google play and an iOS version is on its way.


S4mus (Valentin)

Thanks to : Pampel (Nico), MSK (Hervé), Vignou (Quentin), PM (Paul), Srompich (Sai), Sly (Sylvain), Mommy and Daddy.

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