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To pick up your free key, instructions are all the way down there. But please read this article first !

It’s a beeautiful shiny day on the prairie, you come back to your hive exhausted by hours of gathering nectar from colorful flowers and… OH CRAP! What is this? A gang of hornets, wasps and perfidious bees has stolen all your pollen and honey! Your queen lies in a pond of bee blood and your sisters are spread on the grass, buzzing in pain. But they attacked the wrong hive, the wrong bee, the wrong day. Because all they gonna get… Is a BEE LAZER BLAST IN THEIR FACE!

Beekyr reloaded’s story is sad and cute at the same time. Just like Bambi. And that’s why it’s a shame we don’t get more of it throughout this cutesy adventure. But let’s not forget we’re dealing with a shoot them up here, a genre which is quite demanding in terms of concentration, so maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to continue this story into a 5 season drama which would make you cry like a baby. The only tears you would shed should be from frustration because you got killed for the bazillon time, so even though it’s not happening in easy mode (except for me) it’s better that way.


Sight (Graphics)

Just like its story, Beekyr reloaded’s graphics are cute and simple. Don’t expect fancy animations or 3DFX effects, but you will appreciate the wasps, midges, larvae, spiders, praying mantis and other insects you will meet throughout your epic adventure. The sceneries are quite well designed as well, even though background animations made my computer slow down on some occasions (a « simple » mode will be available soon in the graphics menu for those who have light specs). You will fly in the sunny countryside, in a dark forest, in a hive and in other mysterious worlds I couldn’t access to because I’m n00b. Be careful though, it’s not always easy to find out which part of the set is on the background, and you may end up dying trying to pick up a power up by hitting the floor or the ceiling. Finally, and unlike some crazy Japanese shoot them up I’d never play because I’m not a MASOCHIST, everything is clear on the screen and you won’t have much trouble finding your way between your enemies. At least for the easier game modes.

Beekyr Reloaded Spider Five Senses Reviews
One of the few bosses you have to face vertically. Taste that bee-beam, you spidery spider !

Touch (Gameplay)

Gameplay relies on pretty classic shoot them up mechanics: pick up power ups and bombs, dodge bullets and enemies, shoot and explode. Yet note that if most of the action is done scrolling horizontally, some bosses will be to fight vertically which breaks the rhythm – in a good way. Your aim will be to destroy the most enemies and occasionally gather pollen without dying to collect points. Your score will be compared with other players worldwide when you achieve your quest or when your game is over. I’ve played the beta version and the challenge was already quite high, so I can’t imagine when the final version will be released… Prepare your keyboards and gamepads and try to create a buzz by beating Kaleido Games’ high score!


Hearing (Sound)

Beekyr reloaded’s soundtrack is classic for a shoot them up. Dynamic and full of rhythm, it accompanies well the action being fast when you have to battle harshly and slow in the entrance of hives where everything is slow and cosy. I loved the dark forest theme (you’ll tell me if you did too) because I found it sounding retro even without that typical 8-bit sound retrogamers love. The only bad point of that section of the review is the annoying sound insects make when they die, which is the same for all of them. And it sounds more like a mouse squeaking than anything else. But hey, nobody’s perfect. (Edit : these sounds should change soon. Hopefully for you before you purchase the game !)

Beekyr Reloaded Dark forest Five Senses Reviews
Dark forest D-D-D-Dark forest ! I love that song ! By the way, here is a glimpse of the local 2-player coop mode

Taste (Lasting appeal)

I finished the game in easy mode in two hours but I’m terrible at shoot them ups, but I guess if you’re pully you will have a decent challenge for at least 10 hours solely for completing the story arcade mode. And there are 5 difficulty levels ! Sorry for my lack of professionalism, but I just couldn’t get passed the first levels of arcade mode, so please just blame me for being a load of old tosh. This mode will make you go through 26 levels while expert mode is composed of 29 levels. Replay value seems quite high though since the high score system allows you to compete with players from all around the world and there is a local coop mode that looks like fun (especially because you’re playing on the same keyboard).


Smell (Overall experience)

Winnie the Pooh’s honey

Beekyr Reloaded Winnie Five Senses Reviews

Winnie’s cute, it’s a classic, and its honey’s smell is sweet and sugary. All alike this remake of a 2013 shoot them up which has nothing extremely fancy but is really fun to play anyway. Honey has a better sugaring power than sugar itself, so abuse of this one until you are the most competent worker bee in the world !


You can purchase Beekyr Reloaded on early access on steam right now and its final version will be out from November 14th. To try your luck and receive your beta key, send us an email at fivesensesreviews at gmail dot com and we’ll tell you if you’re the first or what. If not, thanks for reading this article anyway (you did read it, right ?) !


S4mus (Valentin)

Thanks to : Pampel (Nico), MSK (Hervé), Vignou (Quentin), PM (Paul), Srompich (Sai), Sly (Sylvain), Mommy and Daddy.

Special thanks to Kaleidos games for trusting me for this review !

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